2015 new square replica wristwatch recommend

Patek Philippe

1. Patek Philippe Gondolo Platinum Series Blue surface models 5124G-011
1993 Patek Philippe Gondolo replica watch series come out and introduced men’s and women’s watches, the series inspired by the early 20th century decorative arts movement, Gondolo series of sophisticated and elegant and has a streamlined shape. Whether it is barrel-shaped, pillow-shaped or rectangular form these timepieces are perfect functionality combined with aesthetic and decorative arts. The series to be located in Rio de Janeiro Manufacturer Gondolo & Labouriau name, it had from 1902 to 1927 between manufacturing the famous “Chronometro Gondolo” when counted as Patek Philippe.

Patek Philippe has been launched although rectangular watch, but only ordinary circular movement, until 2000, finally launched 5100 series ten days refining watch, equipped with a power storage capacity of 240 hours of 28-20 / 220 movement rectangular table factory followed in 2003 and then take advantage of this movement to create a combination of tourbillon and ten days refining capabilities 5101P, however, limit the amount of these two watches are issued, does not belong to conventional production. In 2007, Patek Philippe has finally released a new hand winding Cal. 25-21 REC PS rectangular movement (REC means the rectangle, PS refers to the small second hand), with at 5098P barrel-shaped case. Cal. 25-21 REC PS is a watch factory since 1930-40 years the development of the first paragraph rectangle simple performance movement, the previous generation of this movement to the number of Cal. 9-90 movement, it will early in 1934 launched, after continued production for more than 30 years. Cal. 25-21 REC PS obvious continuation of the early 20th century Chronometro Gondolo pocket watch movement design, similar to the structure of aesthetic perception and prevailing technical features, and adds some modern elements, such as the use of a unique Patek Philippe Gyromax balance wheel, so take the time not only extremely accurate, easier to adjust.

In 2008, Patek Philippe will be 25-21 REC PS movement assembled in the new platinum 5124G and gold 5124J two watches, 2015 Patek Philippe introduced the blue face plate 5124G-011, which is the latest entry-PP square watches simple menu paragraph, the retail price of 198,500 yuan public.

Piaget Emperador

2. Micro-painted enamel Piaget Emperador XL Tourbillon Mens Watch G0A40607
Piaget Emperador XL oversized replica invites people to appreciate the full sense of its artistic and emotional abundant tourbillon device. Fascinating dial distinguished by independent creators, enamel masters Anita Porchet using micro-painted enamel process is made on which present a subtle and delicate play of light and shadow, rather like the people bathed in the sun moved to Samarkand city ​​center. As the sun as the time by color, notably Earl homemade tourbillon 602P ultra-thin movements on hand make this watch icing on the cake, and both reveals the exquisite perfection of art technology and brand to a combination of excellent watchmaking.

Piaget Emperador XL Tourbillon large, size 36 x 46 mm. 18K rose gold case. Micro-painted enamel dial with craft exhibits Samarkand theme decorative pattern. Piaget 602P self-floating tourbillon hand-wound mechanical movement, the world’s most thin rectangular movement (thickness of only 3.5 mm). Unique treasures. G0A40607 retail price of 1.95 million yuan.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso à Eclipse

3. Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso à Eclipse hidden painted enamel watch Q3772408
Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso replica uk  flip the table was originally conceived as a sports watch, or more specifically, to polo in the system. Colonial India, there is a desire to make the British officer Jaeger, hoping to have a watch to wear will not be damaged in the polo game, the plot devised to meet this challenge concept flip the table body, thus can friable glass table mirror protected.

After 2015 the great Dutch impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh • (Vincent van Gogh) 125th anniversary of his death. On this occasion, the Swiss Haute Horlogerie brand Van Gogh Museum (Van Gogh Museum) and Amsterdam Jaeger LeCoultre launch Reverso à Eclipse hidden painted enamel watch, model Q3772408, dial pattern for the representative works of Van Gogh ” Sunflower “to pay tribute to Van Gogh. Painting was created in 1889, now in the possession of masterpieces Van Gogh Museum, is the representative works of Van Gogh in his later years.


4. Cartier Tank Louis Cartier sapphire crystal hollow rose gold watch WHTA0002
Cartier tank replica  watch square watch is undoubtedly the originator, debuted in 1918, it was the First World War by the distinguished designer French Renault tank shape and stimulate inspiration, full respect for the kind of square-shaped tanks early lines and proportions.

Over the years, Cartier tank watch a variety of changes, 2015 Cartier Tank Louis Cartier sapphire crystal hollow rose gold watch WHTA0002 it is impressive, there are many different ways to create a transparent watch. Among them brash, smashing the $ 2,000,000 grind sapphire way to do things, Cartier Tank Louis Cartier sapphire crystal skeleton watch is this pies. The skeleton watch at SIHH 2014 unveiled early, use the table in one of the most representative ownership silhouette art, fully carved out of the internal structure, showing the hollow self-produced movement between the two sapphire plates. WHTA0002 retail price of 334,000 yuan.

Girard-Perregaux Vintage

5. Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 Tourbillon with three gold Bridges celebrate the 70th anniversary limited edition watch 99880-53-00B-BA6A
Vintage 1945 series, SWISS GP-Perregaux replica  was born thanks to a long history of watchmaking. This goes back to 1945, a let engraved in the heart of the year. At the time, the watch design is mainly influenced by the Art Deco movement, inspired by the architectural design, interior design, fashion, painting and photography, while the basic principles of simplicity, geometry, structure consistency oriented.

Right Angle poetic, more low-key appearance, perfect themselves freely. Inspired by this idea of ​​the big bang, GP-Perregaux 1945 design interpretation of these principles: the structure simple, square case, lugs convex geometry symmetrical design, the curved edge design, crown interspersed among them. The materials – gold and stainless steel are also very characteristic of the Art Deco period.

GP-Perregaux Tourbillon with three gold Bridges Vintage 1945 series celebrating the 70th anniversary of listing, in particular, the introduction of two limited edition, legendary and Girard-Perregaux Tourbillon with Art Deco-inspired Vintage 1945 watch collection, combining classic together, creating a bridge and link of classic and fashion.

Tourbillon with three gold Bridges take advantage of classic architectural design elements, but follows the standards of excellence in watchmaking and decoration. Three parallel arrow-shaped bridge enables movement has a perfect balance, structure and shape Vintage 1945 case complement each other. Featured Art Deco watch the most respected materials, highlighting the advantages of this timing and personality. Reference: 99880-53-00B-BA6A, limited edition of 18.

Chengdu’s first Direct Blancpain replica boutique grand opening soon, so stay tuned new advanced custom micro-painted enamel watch grand release

“When the founder of the classic meter” Blancpain replica Blancpain upcoming November 20, 2015, the grand opening of the brand’s first boutique in Chengdu Direct. Chengdu is located in the Pacific Ocean a new store, designed to become a senior watch enthusiasts and collectors of abundance, experience traditional Swiss watchmaking culture, appreciation of classic timepieces of outstanding important landmarks. On this occasion, Blancpain Blancpain dedication tribute to the Chinese watch collectors – the opening day, about a grand brand released by the city from its tabulation large complex –Le Brassus Workshops “maestro” (Métier d ‘ art) studio of the Swiss national treasure enamel masters meticulously create five pieces when micro-painted enamel advanced customization solitary count.

Blancpain watch

Chengdu’s first Direct Blancpain boutique grand opening soon, so stay tuned new advanced custom micro-painted enamel watch grand release
Following the 2012 “Art Masters” (Métier d’art) studio after the release of “The Unique” micro-painted enamel advanced customization watch, Blancpain replica watch Blancpain again inspired by the oriental culture. To look forward to, this time, “Maestro” is not only highlights the purely visual aesthetics, and more complex challenges legendary narrative – five gold solitary watch, is about to narrate a well-known Chinese folk legends about love. Micro-painted enamel exquisite technique, achievements elegant pure oriental aesthetics Freehand, five inch screen key scenes rendered on the dial, intense romanticism will trigger a strong emotional resonance.

Swiss replica watches brand unveils new smartwatch

Various versions of the TAG Heuer replica watch.

TAG Heuer, the Swiss replica watchmaker which is part of the French luxury goods group LVMH, showed off its first Internet-connected wristwatch Monday designed with Google and Intel.

The $1,500 Android-powered TAG Heuer Replica Connected that went on sale in the US on Monday is seen as a rival to the Apple Replica Watch, which launched earlier this year starting at $349, with some versions at more than $10,000.

The TAG Heuer Connected — based on the Carrera watch design from the group popularized by movie star Brad Pitt — is built with titanium, sapphire and the “best in class touchscreen technology,” according to the company’s website.

Like other smartwatches, the new wearable tech device allows users to receive notifications, text messages, and to identify callers on a connected handset.

It also can monitor the user’s heartbeat.

TAG Heuer and the US tech firms announced a partnership in March to produce the replica watch.

In the meantime, Apple teamed up with French luxury market Hermes to produce a version of the iOS watch starting at $1,250.

TAG Heuer Replica Watches chief executive Jean-Claude Biver said he believes there will be demand for the new replica watch.

“It’s not too late. The market is not considered to be consolidated yet,” he said at the New York unveiling.

The companies call the new device “an elegant connected watch that merges expertise of swiss replica watches with Silicon Valley engineers to set a new standard for high-tech performance, timeless aesthetics and supreme quality.”

The Carrera Connected watch can be paired with Google Android devices as well as those running Apple’s iOS, and can connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

In an interview with Switzerland’s Le Matin Dimanche, Biver said that he does not consider Apple a direct competitor.

“We are not Apple,” he told the paper.

Brand Ambassador Ash unveils new Longines Replica Watch collection in Delhi

Bollywood beauty Aishwarya Rai Bachchan graced the Capital on Monday to unveil the latest range of women’s Replica Watches by Swiss luxury Replica Watches brand Longines.
As the brand ambassador, Ash presented the new Longines DolceVita collection at the Connaught Place boutique. The 41-year-old star kept it low-key in a muted colour combination, opting for a nude-coloured maxi-skirt paired with a grey shirt, black blazer and matching pumps.
She completed the look with a nude lipstick and plain blow-dried hair. Spectators were left wanting for something lighter to fit the change the change of season.
Nevertheless, the beauty spoke of her association with the brand in nostalgic terms.
“I have a very old relationship with the Longines DolceVita collection. It was the first collection I endorsed for Longines 15 years ago… I love the fact that they have made this collection softer and more feminine,” the actor said.
“I still can’t believe it’s been 15 years already,” she added.
Ash is all geared up for the release of her upcoming movie Jazbaa, which many are calling her ‘come-back film’. However, the Bachchan bahu disagrees. When asked about the same, she said: “Mani Ratnam’s would have been the first but it did not get going. Though Jazbaa is the second movie I had accepted, it rolled first.”
The movie will hit theatres coming Friday.
Aishwarya’s Capital outing came days after she took to the stage during the opening ceremony of ISL 2015 in Chennai. The Bollywood beauty performed on Replica Watches Sale her hit numbers Dola re Dola and Dhoom.
The entire Bachchan family, including Ash’s daughter Aaradhya, attended the grand ceremony.

A Week On The Wrist The Cheap Swiss Replica Rolex Datejust

Rolex_DateJust_523As a vintage Replica Rolex lover, I was a little skeptical when I started this review. Modern Replica Rolex and vintage Replica Rolex are typically two very separate worlds with little overlap, but the 36mm Datejust is an amazing watch that nicely
bridges the gap between the two, carrying over many of the things we love about vintage Replica Rolex while offering the
niceties of a modern Replica Rolex at the same time. It’s a watch that recalls the watches of the mid-20th century without
being a tribute or a throwback.

_img (8)On the wrist, there is no doubt that the 36mm Datejust is a solid machine that will serve you well forever. It’s
solid, well constructed, and has a number of little details that make you smile as you notice them. If you have a
number of replica watches, it has enough interesting about it that you’ll still be captivated, while if you’re a one-watch
person, you’d be hard pressed to find a better daily-wearer.

The modern Datejust, while not the most popular Replica Rolex amongst watch enthusiasts, is a restrained and
straightforward reminder of why Replica Rolex wears the crown.

Omega Replica preparing for Bond boom, plans more stores, focus on women

Omega Replica preparing for Bond boom, plans more stores, focus on women

omega-first-master-chronometer_1The Swiss Replica Watches industry is being buffeted by powerful headwinds. Uncertainty in the Chinese economy and a surge in the value of the Swiss franc are two major threats. And Replica Watches, although their impact has yet to be seen, are attracting attention, especially since Apple’s entry into the market.

But at Omega, one of the most prominent brands of the Replica Watch Group, President Stephen Urquhart seemed unconcerned about the downsides and talked of ambitious store expansions. He said during a recent interview with The Nikkei that the keys to thriving amid the fierce competition are innovations such as the company’s new magnetic resistant Replica Watches, more models for women and the expected boost from the new James Bond movie.

Omega launched its own boutique in 2000. It now has 357 outlets worldwide, of which 141 are run by Omega itself, and 216 by franchisees. “There is no [official] figure, but I think one day we could have 500 flagship stores of Omega with our partners,” Urquhart said. Asked if this 40% increase in stores is Omega’s long-term goal, he hinted that he does not intend to wait long. “Things move quickly today. When an opportunity arises, you have to take it.” He added that the increase is “a middle-term objective and a strategic wish.”

One market he mentioned was Iran. “Who knows what will happen to Iran? Everyone talks about the nuclear agreement. Maybe in five years’ time, with its big population, if everything goes as hoped, it could become a big market.” He is also optimistic about Mexico, where the company’s three stores are seeing strong sales, and Indonesia.

Urquhart said sales in China have “stabilized,” compared to the strong rise Omega experienced in the past several years. He admitted, “There was a slight reduction in average price, in single digits. This is due to the anti-corruption movement; people were more cautious.” But he also sees a bright side in China, where sales in “second- and third-tier cities are growing quicker than Beijing or Shanghai.” In addition, Chinese consumers are still buying a lot of Swiss Replica Watches outside of China.

Brand, innovation power

His confidence and ambition are based not only on the brand the company has built over the years, but also on the fact that Omega is still pushing innovation in its mechanical Replica Watches. In March, Omega announced a new magnetic resistant model called Globemaster, which is certified to be accurate even after being put through a magnetic resonance imaging scanner. The company even developed a new certification standard with the Swiss authorities to prove it. Why? Because, Urquhart noted, we live in a world where contact between mechanical devices and magnets is unavoidable.

“It is not a very sexy message to tell people, but we have solved one of the biggest problems mechanical Replica Watches face today,” Urquhart said. Over 50% of Replica Watches brought into Omega stores for repairs in Japan are suffering from magnetism problems. “You cannot see magnetism like [other sources of trouble such as] humidity, but we can make these Omega users happier because they don’t have to send their Replica Watches UK.”

The new Globemaster won’t hit the stores until November. But before then Omega staff have another big promotion to focus on — the new James Bond film, on which the company collaborated. “With James Bond, sales are going like this” — Urquhart shot his hand high into the air. “It is incredible!”

Years of working with the action movie franchise has paid off for Omega. Urquhart said movie releases push sales up by “more than 10%, good double digit growth.” The sales spike doesn’t last, but the level of sales rises to a higher basis and doesn’t fall back to where it was before. “The second thing I am amazed with James Bond is, (the sales jump) is not limited to the Anglo-Saxon world. Even in Asia, the sales and interest are very good.”

Some Rolex Replica Watches Are Utterly Amazing

Rolex Replica Watches – Oyster Perpetual Sea Dweller

Rolex Replica watches… Where would we be without them? If it’s not that obvious, I’ll tell you where – we’d only be dreaming of sporting a fine timepiece instead of actually owning one. The successful image of a made man would be completely unattainable, since, let’s face it, these are called luxury watches for a good reason – they are a luxury to most of us.

And yes, Rolex Replica watches do the job perfectly. From looks to functions, they are spot on, without exception. However, some of them simply take the cake. Of course, I may be somewhat subjective when making this affirmation, so I’ll let you be the judge of that.

One of these Rolex Replica watches I am talking about is the Rolex Sea-Dweller. Surprised? I hope not. I hope that you aren’t one of those people who think of this watch as being just another Submariner, without the Cyclops lens. But even if you do, no problem, just allow me to clarify a few things and I hope you’ll gain another perspective.

The Rolex Sea Dweller replica indeed may look like the ever so popular Submariner, not that it’s a bad thing, but if you look close enough you’ll see the details that make this watch unique and exceptional.

The movement is cased inside the well-known Oyster case, which is known for its sturdiness and resistance over time, with an extra feature – a helium escape valve on the side, opposite to the crown.

Also, the Rolex Sea-Dweller replica lacks the Cyclops lens although it keeps the date window, a feature which increases its readability and makes it even more versatile if you ask me. The minimal dial is almost unchanged, except the writing on the dial, of course.

There are many features that make this Rolex Replica watches simply awesome, but I don’t want to spoil it for you and take all the fun out of it. That’s why I’ll let you discover the collection for yourself, just take a look cheap replica watches uk store.

And the best part? Prices start at only $175! I’d hurry if I were you.

Patek Philippe Replica Advanced Research

— Patek Philippe’s department, which is 10 years old this year, will face increased competition in fundamental research.


It is now 10 years since Patek Philippe’s Advanced Research department saw the light of day. The company has shone in the silicon stakes, manoeuvring adroitly between patents and amicable settlements. But in this age of interdisciplinary endeavours it could become increasingly difficult to achieve results that are entirely home grown.

Patek Philippe won’t be celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Advanced Research department until 2016, even though it was established in 2005. Its achievements have mostly involved, or been confined to, components, but this is misleading, for Patek Philippe’s Advanced Research holds some of the keys to the future of Swiss replica watchmaking.

Only some of the keys, because there are a great many brands with huge resources that are mostly in search of the same watchmaking holy grail of silicon and its promised applications. In other words, the path is narrow and the competition widespread. Fierce battles are fought over each application, production method and category. Some started well before the advent of Advanced Research in 2005.

The 5550 P model, the first Patek Philippe replica watch with “Advanced Research” inscribed on the moonphase indication at 6 o’clock. © Patek Philippe Replica Watches

Silicon’s prehistory

Patek Philippe’s Advanced Research department is based on work undertaken in 2001. It was then that Ludwig Oechslin, the former curator of the International Horological Museum (MIH) with the Swiss Centre for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM) conducted the first trials of silicon balance springs. Unfortunately, problems with thermal compensation put paid to any replica watches making applications. Simply put, the balance spring proved unreliable in changing temperatures.

Further research was about to be abandoned when Replica Patek Philippe, Rolex and the Swatch Group joined Oechslin and the CSEM. This new quintet came up with Silinvar, which solved silicon’s problems. Silinvar is lightweight, homogenous and non-magnetic as well as being hard, non-corrosive and shock resistant. On this basis, Patek Philippe set up the Advanced Research department tasked with exploiting the material in its wristwatches. The fact that the department presented its first results in 2005, the year it was created, is explained by its reliance on the four previous years of work with the CSEM, which had meanwhile registered the Silinvar trademark.

The Pulsomax pallet lever and escape wheel, 2008. © Fake Patek Philippe UK

The first applications

The Advanced Research department transformed the traditional regulating organ by successively using Silinvar to make escape wheels in 2005, balance springs in 2006 and finally pallet levers in 2008. The entire assembly, known as the Oscillomax, was the first tangible result of the Advanced Research department, which forms part of a research and development structure that today employs 86 people.

The Spiromax, an Advanced Research product, 2006. © Patek Philippe

Nevertheless, a legal battle was being waged in the background between Sigatec, an alliance between Mimotec and Ulysse Nardin on one hand, and the triumvirate of Patek Philippe Replica Watches, Rolex and the Swatch Group on the other. The former had crucial patents governing the etching and machining techniques to produce silicon micro-components as well as their assembly. In other words it held the keys to the application of silicon in replica watches making that everyone was looking for.

In November 2013, the rival parties decided to settle the matter amicably, or at least on good terms. They resolved to put an end to the litigation and to make their patents available to one another in a cross-licencing arrangement.

Calibre 240 QP Si, Patek Philippe’s first “Advanced Research” movement fitted in the ref. 5550P model. The 300 examples made were all sold to handpicked collectors. © Patek Philippe Replica UK

What about the future?

From then on, the Patek Philippe Advanced Research department continued to make headway with its partners. Since 2012 the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) has been one of the most energetic of these, not least because of the Patek Philippe-endowed Chair, known as Instant-Lab, co-financed by the company for eight years. It regularly publishes papers on theoretical advances in fundamental research into horology. The latest thesis, published in 2014, describes a formal model that will provide a systematic approach to escapements (O. Laesser: Analyse, synthèse et création d’échappements horlogers par la théorie des engrenages).

While students concentrate on such theoretical subjects, their professors have their feet firmly on the ground. Ten months ago, Simon Henein, the professor nominated to the Patek Philippe Chair, presented a new type of oscillator called the IsoSpring at the EPFL. Without going into details, it heralds the end of the jerky mechanism of the traditional escapement in favour of a regulator that rotates continuously in the same direction thanks to the elasticity of spring blades. As Fake Patek Philippe points out, “IsoSpring is a development put forward and conducted by Instant-Lab. The project is financed by a number of Swiss replica watches companies. We therefore do not have any exclusive rights to this development. It is too early to say whether this project will result in an Advanced Research series.”

More disciplines bring more competitors

The only problem is that Patek Philippe’s Advanced Research department, which is 10 years old this year, will face increased competition in fundamental research, especially since its chair at the EPFL does not give it any exclusive rights over the results it obtains. Furthermore, the EPFL and the Richemont Group have announced a chair in “multiscale manufacturing technologies.”

Other interdisciplinary bridges have also been built, notably by Microcity, the new microtechnical centre opened last year in Neuchâtel, which incorporates the local start-up incubator, Néode. All in all, if Patek Philippe’s Advanced Research has so far benefitted from the interdisciplinary approach, it could also experience the drawbacks of having to share its skills.

Perrelet Replica First Class Double Rotor & Double Rotor Skeleton

— This autumn, Perrelet is enriching its First Class line with two new collections: First Class Double Rotor and First Class Double Rotor Skeleton.


The Double Rotor technology is in the limelight with these timepieces featuring a stainless 42.50 mm-diameter case with pure, sleek lines enhanced by the signature Perrelet Replica Watches UK fluted pattern on the side. While remaining true to the design of the First Class collection, Perrelet has chosen to subtly evolve the patented Double Rotor concept that has forged its success. The latter, adorned with a “Côtes de Genève” pattern, takes an even larger place on the grained/guilloché white or black dial of the First Class Double Rotor model, or openworked black or white guilloché of the First Class Double Rotor Skeleton. The blued hands lend a touch of color to the purity of the dials, as does the 26th movement jewel elegantly revealed in the center.

First Class Double Rotor. © Replica Watches UK

In 1995, Perrelet introduced the first Double Rotor P-181 caliber with automatic winding via an oscillating weight. It represented a technical feat in that the mechanism draws its energy from two rotors. The first, referred to as the oscillating weight, is placed under the movement, while the second, known as the upper rotor, is sited at dial level and provides an opportunity to observe the automatic winding function. The perfectly synchronized rotation of the two rotors powers the barrel, thus providing the mechanism with a constant supply of energy. This device ensures winding that is faster, more stable and more efficient than with a classic system.

First Class Double Rotor Skeleton. © Perrelet Replica Watches

The First Class Double Rotor is powered by the Double Rotor P-181-H caliber, the first entirely in-house manufactured Double Rotor movement. It is distinguished by its date at 6 o’clock that is visible when the Double Rotor is in action. Perrelet also innovates with the Double Rotor Skeleton P-481 movement, the first to associate the Double Rotor with a manufacture-made skeleton caliber. Both models, equipped with a movement beating at a frequency of 28,800 vph (4HZ) have a 42-hour power reserve. The First Class Double Rotor and Double Rotor Skeleton models are fitted with a brown or black alligator leather strap equipped with a steel folding clasp.